Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Demo Coming Soon!

Tonight I updated the site and launched the code to create the public demo.  I'm in the process of moving from Tampa to Orlando this week, so I've had to pack all of my HomeNet gear. Once I get unpacked, I will work on getting my HomeNet demo setup again and you'll be able to see it online!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today I got version 2.0 of the site launched and at the moment it looks exactly the same. All of the changes are behind the scenes. For most of Fall 2011 I worked on creating a Content Mangement System for the same platform that is based on.  I launched my personal website on it as a test bed and now I have incorporated all those improvements into

  1. I updated all of the code to meet my latest coding standards.
  2. Started adding phpdoc tags through out so I can auto generate documentation
  3. I wrote unit tests for all of the services and fixed LOTS of bugs (it's amazing my thesis project worked as well as it did)
  4. Incorporated a new permission system in to the entire website. A public demo of in action will be launched soon.
  5. Static Pages like index/about/contact all use the new cms system which allows me to easily edit the content.
  6. This blog will soon be moved over to the new cms system when I get some time. Blogger still works fine for now.

2012 is going to be awesome year as I finally get to dedicate more time to the project and hopefully I'll have it ready to launch publicly later this year.