Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today I got version 2.0 of the site launched and at the moment it looks exactly the same. All of the changes are behind the scenes. For most of Fall 2011 I worked on creating a Content Mangement System for the same platform that is based on.  I launched my personal website on it as a test bed and now I have incorporated all those improvements into

  1. I updated all of the code to meet my latest coding standards.
  2. Started adding phpdoc tags through out so I can auto generate documentation
  3. I wrote unit tests for all of the services and fixed LOTS of bugs (it's amazing my thesis project worked as well as it did)
  4. Incorporated a new permission system in to the entire website. A public demo of in action will be launched soon.
  5. Static Pages like index/about/contact all use the new cms system which allows me to easily edit the content.
  6. This blog will soon be moved over to the new cms system when I get some time. Blogger still works fine for now.

2012 is going to be awesome year as I finally get to dedicate more time to the project and hopefully I'll have it ready to launch publicly later this year.

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