Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking down the Parts of

These are devices that can send and receive commands

Here are the ones that currently exist: (default port 4095)
Proccessing HomeNetApp (default port 255)
Base Station Node (default port 1)
Wireless nodes (currently limited to 2-32)

Each one can have 15 devices attached to it.

These are input/output devices connected to a node
There are 2 types Hardware Devices and Software devices

Hardware devices
These are sets of Subdevices. Simple devices may have only have 1 subdevices or they could have 10+.   Subdevices came about because a lot of sensors have the ability to measure multiple things like the SHT21 which measures temperature and humidity and needed to be graphed individually.

Software devices
Think of these as plugins for the HomeNet software programs.  They allow other nodes/devices in the network to get information like gathering weather forecasts from the internet. 

Every sensor/switch/actuator gets mapped to a subdevice in These are the objects that show up on each room page. Each one can be graphed and controlled individually.

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