Thursday, March 17, 2011

Planned Features

Here is what is currently being worked:

Near future
-Adding new Subdevices.
-Adding new Device presets.
-Implement privacy settings so you can limit what you share
-Create Event/Action System to monitor and reacted to changing subdevice data. 
-Subdevice Groups- Compare similar devices on the same graph, control groups of subdevices with one action.
-Customize Background images with photos of your own home.

Long term Plans
-More AJAX, like drag and drop to reorder items on the page.
-Rewrite the HomeNetApp and use an actual Java GUI. (processing only goes so far)..
-Fully integrate it into Facebook/Twitter
-Create API access to allow custom apps be created and integrated into HomeNet
-Support Arduino with Ethernet Shield

General Website work
-Create Blog Module
-Create Static Pages
-Add proper Contact Form
-SSL (https) Support

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